THE CHLOE CONDITION is a go-to destination for women looking to transform their physique and achieve their fitness goals.  Led by Chloe, a certified fitness coach with a decade of experience, the platform specializes in helping women optimize fat loss and muscle gain through tailored training programs, nutrition guidance, and mindful eating practices.




Putting our plan into action, we developed a user-friendly website that showcased Chloe’s services and expertise. 


Our challenge was to develop custom code to accommodate’s need for recurring payments in various methods, catering to both international clients and those in Myanmar. This required a solution that could seamlessly handle different payment gateways while ensuring security and reliability for users worldwide.


Collaborating closely with Chloe, we delved into the intricacies of her business model and clientele. Understanding the importance of catering to diverse payment preferences, we devised a strategy to develop a custom payment system capable of processing recurring payments seamlessly. Leveraging our expertise in web development and payment integration, we crafted a solution that prioritized user experience, security, and flexibility.


The implementation of the custom payment system was a resounding success. now offers clients a seamless and convenient payment experience, accommodating various methods for recurring payments, including international and local options for clients in Myanmar. The new system has streamlined the payment process, enhancing user satisfaction and facilitating smoother transactions for Chloe’s global clientele.

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