Mulino faces a branding challenge as they feel that their current image does not effectively communicate the uniqueness of their authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant struggles with visibility in the crowded restaurant scene, and their branding lacks consistency across various platforms, from physical menus to online presence. They also want to appeal to a younger demographic while maintaining the loyalty of their existing customer base.

To address Mulino’s branding needs, our approach involves a comprehensive analysis of their current brand identity, market positioning, and customer demographics. We aim to create a strategy that not only modernizes their image but also highlights the rich history and traditions associated with their cuisine. The goal is to develop a cohesive and versatile branding solution that can be applied seamlessly across all touchpoints.

  • Logo Redesign: We propose a refined logo that retains elements of tradition while introducing modern aesthetics. Incorporating subtle Italian symbols and vibrant colors will create a visually appealing and memorable mark for Mulino.
  • Branding Guidelines: Establishing clear branding guidelines ensures consistency in Mulino’s visual identity. This includes standardized colors, fonts, and design elements to be used across menus, signage, social media, and other platforms.
  • Online Presence Enhancement: Revamping Mulino’s website and optimizing its social media profiles is crucial for attracting a younger audience. Engaging content, professional photography, and regular updates will contribute to a dynamic online presence.


Mulino - Vancouver, Canada

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