Juice and Jamu

Capalla Juice and Jamu, a dynamic force in the health beverage industry, sought our expertise to craft a visual identity that would tantalize taste buds and ignite curiosity. 



Capalla Juice and Jamu

With a commitment to natural ingredients and holistic wellness, they entrusted us to capture the essence of their brand and products in a way that would captivate their audience and leave a lasting impression.


Our journey with Capalla was not without its obstacles. From harmonizing their brand essence with visual storytelling to navigating technical constraints in showcasing their products’ vitality, we faced a series of hurdles. Time was of the essence, and we had to ensure our creative endeavors remained within the confines of a tight budget.


Through immersive workshops and market research, we unearthed insights that would shape our creative direction. Armed with a blend of innovative techniques and strategic decision-making, we pushed the boundaries of conventional storytelling to deliver an unforgettable brand experience.


The fruits of our labor were beyond measure. Capalla Juice and Jamu emerged from our collaboration with a visual identity that was as vibrant as it was enticing. Our content spoke volumes, resonating with consumers on a level that transcended mere advertising. The brand experienced a surge in recognition and engagement, solidifying its position as a leader in the health beverage space. Positive feedback poured in from all corners, affirming the success of our partnership.

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